Meet Your Optician

Ms. Fleur Nelson, a Board-Certified Optician, owns and operates Optique de Fleur Opticians & KidSpex of San Rafael, California. Ms. Nelson is American Board of Opticianry Certified (ABOC), is a Registered Dispensing Optician (RDO), as well as a Registered Spectacle Lens Dispenser (RSLD) around the Bay Area for 40 years.


Whether you are following the latest optical fashions or prefer the classics, look no further than Optique de Fleur Opticians & KidSpex in downtown San Rafael. Fleur Nelson, a Licensed Optician for more than 40 years, has taken over ownership of the former Toso Optical after managing for Toso for more than 13 years. With styles to fit every want and need, their goal is to make you look your absolute best without breaking the bank.
Eyecare — Fleur Nelson in San Rafael, CA
“Each face is a canvas, everyone has an individual style which we complement with the perfect pairs of glasses,” Fleur says. She also excels in eyeglass makeovers, recreating the best possible look for all her clients-men, women and children. She helps you discover your individual style to optimize a youthful, attractive appearance.

While using the latest technologically-advanced lenses, Optique de Fleur can fulfill all your optical needs, from eyeglasses, sunglasses and sports glasses to contact lenses.

“Accompanying her vast collections of adult frames, Fleur has created KidSpex, a department completely devoted to children ranging from tots to teens.”
-Women in Business

Licensed Optician, Fleur Nelson at Optique de Fleur Opticians serves the entire family’s optical needs, which include her new KidSpex division, aimed at cool kids from tots to teens. With more than 30 years of experience, Fleur expertly finds the perfect eyeglasses for San Francisco Bay Area children.

“With KidSpex, we try to make kids as beautiful and adorable as possible, with hip, edgy and cool glasses that they are proud to wear,” says Fleur.

“Whether your child needs everyday glasses, sports glasses or sunglasses, Optique de Fleur has options for everyone. She also excels in eyeglass makeovers, recreating the best possible look for all her clients – men, women and children…”
-SF Gate